National Pharmacy Technician

The pharmacy tech exams are based on top 200 prescribed drug and their formulas for conversion of drugs and their prescriptions. If you are not good enough in mathematics you should use all your force to converting with different capacity and measurements of the weights. Also you have to keep in memory with the names of the brands, and in their generic names and most simple names of all the drugs. You are also be prepare for the pharmacy tech exams by use of guidebook, software simulator, by live classes attendance or in variously without some preparation. Now you should be ready for mathematics letters, parts, changes, ratios, their formulas and the word difficulties. It will be very hard for you if you not done it before. When you started your career in pharmacy tech then you are used to it and you done these works without thinking. After the name you used CPHT when you complete your pharmacy tech exams.

When you become a certified pharmacy specialist, you will get the more working opportunities and will also have the permission to work in the most competitive situations at highly responsible positions. The PTCB has a very clear policy about the pharmacy technicians certificate based on the following rules and regulations. If the Federal Government has suspended your activities you will not the given the certification. If the fraud is also discovered against you the action will be the same. You will also not be issued the same certification if you refuse to enter in the investigation process. The PTCB has very severe regulations that must be taken into importance otherwise you will never give the certification at all. It is the right saying that you have the rights to destroy or even to kill others.

The total length of pharmacy technician’s exam is 2 hours and 90 pharmacy relevant questions will be asked, that will contain the details of the drugs and how these drugs can have the negative affects. Relating to the drugs and the details of the most commonly used patients with the abbreviations and some fast references are also used in these exams. This examination will also contain the laws and rules about this specific field of medication. You will also find these laws in the activated forms to safeguard the people who make the use of them. Various calculations and how to make the conversion work on these calculations to convert them into different measurement units will also be discussed there. The different situations will be given to you and you will be asked to cope up with the given realities.

The pharmacy tech examination is mainly focused to ask the 90 questions that are related to the different types of the medicines and how to calculate measuring between these values. You will be given a detail of 90 questions to solve within 2 hours time. The following areas will be covered completely in the pharmacy tech examination. The first field of importance, with about 66% of the weights of the total exam, is how to best give all the necessary help to the pharmacist and the best way to serve their patients as well. These will be the most important sector of your daily working as a technician. You will have to pay your time to the patients for all of these activities on the daily routines to provide them all the necessary help on the daily basis. For the successful implementation you should have the best of interpersonal and communication skills to do all these activities in the perfect manner. You can consider the second part more important on these PTCB exams is how to effectively maintain the medication and the product placement issues.

Because of the medicine stocks are very large the responsibility will be given to you to manage them as a pharmacy tech and you should be well prepared with the required skills of organizational management etc. It will be very improper if the medicines are labeled or if not placed at the proper areas or you don’t have the capability to find it out. As a pharmacy technician you should be very accurate and quick in finding the drug if it is required on immediate basis. The final focus of this exam will be on the management & administration based on 12 percent weighted. The cost to take this examination will be dollar one hundred and twenty nine only. This fee is expected to risen in the least coming years due to its increasing trends. There are the three possible ways to apply for these exams like phone, emails and applying through online base. You can reappear three times if you could not pass it in the first attempt. So your preparation should be well enough to pass it at the first attempt. PTCB will renew this certification in every two years time.